Understanding the Change in Participant's Intention while Filling out Questionnaires – A Case of Intentions to Participate in a Peer-to-Peer Sharing Service for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Do you want to work with real data and explore an interesting social phenomenon? You are welcomed to do so by working on this topic!

Questionnaires is one of the most common instruments to collect data in social sciences. Typically, respondents provide self-reports and often are asked to explicate their intentions in regard to a certain behavior. For example, respondents can be asked whether they intend to regularly use their smartphone for mobile banking. Interestingly, these intentions can change in the course of filling out a questionnaire depending on the questionnaire design.

A dataset from an extensive survey in the area of intentions to participate in peer-to-peer sharing service for electric vehicle charging infrastructure is already available and will be provided. Using the data set, the aim of the thesis is to explore the phenomenon and to derive implications for the research in social sciences including information systems.