The Past and the Future of Design Science Research in Information Systems: A Literature Review

Do you want to acquire know-how in two fundamental areas of IS research? With this topic you can a) learn how to conduct a rigorous literature review and b) understand one of the most prominent paradigms in conducting IS research – the Design Science Research (DSR).

Often when IT artifacts are constructed by scientists, the DSR is utilized as a backbone. It allows for systematical development of solutions that helps to solve a problem which is relevant for society.

However, to follow DSR properly is a challenging task many researchers are confronted with. Various modifications of DSR exist, the understanding of the paradigm varies among researchers and the role of DSR is often debated.

The aim of the thesis is to conduct a structured literature review to understand the evolution of DSR since it emergence until today. Furthermore the thesis should outline directions in which the current understanding of DSR and its role in IS research is moving.