A Concept for a Tool-Supported Motivation of Role-play in Online Games

Do you like online roleplay games? Have you ever noticed that online RPGs with a good roleplay atmosphere can create a unique playing experience? Developers of such games are constantly looking for ways of encouraging roleplay in their players. While writing this thesis, you will get access to an online game project, in which developers are thinking of introducing a particular instrument for encouraging roleplay by analyzing chat messages of the players and rewarding active roleplay. You will need to implement a small web application that is capable of importing game logs in .txt format, filtering out log messages that contain chat messages, and generating statistics for the players that can later serve as a basis for distributing rewards. To analyze the instrument from the scientific point of view, you will be able to compare the situation before and after introducing the incentive system by looking at different statistics over time. If this topic sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact me! Make sure that you bring some programming experience and excitement for developing web applications.