Privacy Self-Service as a Component for E-Services

In the digital age, transparency on data collection and sharing practices regarding personal information is paramount for users. Especially apps on smart mobile devices, which can gain unprecedented access to personal information such as the user's location or even health data, must communicate their privacy-related behavior transparently to (a) gain the user's trust to grant access to the data and (b) comply with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

Based on the EU-GDPR and the existing body of knowledge on privacy management, human-computer-interaction, and service engineering, this thesis should design a concept for a self-service privacy management within a mobile app (e.g., grant and revoke consent, view collected personal data, delete personal data, ...). Subsequently, the concept should be prototypically implemented into an existing app (you can select between Android or iOS to your liking). 

We use the case of a mobile shopping companion app that collects the customers' visits to stores in the high street to provide individual recommendations and coupons. 

Regarding the research method, you will apply a design-oriented research process. The initial literature on the matter, literature regarding the research process, and the source codes of the existing apps will be provided to you.

If you want to express your creativity, to tackle a very recent and important topic, and to also do a small prototypical implementation as part of your thesis, feel free to contact me to learn more on the topic and discuss your next steps!

You can freely choose, whether you write the Thesis in German or English.

p.s.: Don't be afraid by a small implementation part, we can individually tailor the topic to fit your interests and competences.