Genealogy of Emerging Technologies: Development and Application of a Tool for the Analysis of Social Representations on Wikipedia

Do you want to work with interesting data in your thesis? Wikipedia as a social media platform will allow you to do that. Do you want to learn or to advance your skills in developing HTML and JavaScript-based Websites? Working on this thesis will allow you to do just that. You will have access to an existing project that you could extend and modify according to the requirements of your thesis. The project is a tool that accesses Wikipedia data and performs different analysis in regard to the history of the Wikipedia articles. Do you want to have a sound theoretical foundation for your thesis instead of desperately searching the library for something that might be related to your topic? You will be able to link the results of your thesis to an existing theory of Social Representations by Serge Moscovici. Do not miss your chance, you can start working on the thesis right now!