Other Events

In addition to the lectures and seminars that make up our academic courses, you’ll also have the opportunity at the Department of Information Systems to take part in regular extracurricular events that complement your studies, that offer interesting insights or that simply provide a chance to meet other students and have fun, such as the Design Thinking Workshop in 2015:

You’ll find more videos on all aspects of the Department of Information Systems at Münster University on our YouTube Channel.

  • ERCIS Launch Pad

    The ERCIS Launch Pad is an annual IT ideas contest for founders of new businesses. You’ll find all the relevant information on the ERCIS Launch Pad website.
  • SAP TERP 10 Training Course

    The TERP10: SAP ERP – Integration of Business Processes training course is offered as a 10-day block course. Participants learn about the interplay within SAP ERP between the major integrated business procedures in the areas of procurement, production, planning, project management, sales, customer service, assets management, financial accounting, human resources and analytics. 

    The course ends with a certification exam by SAP, which, if successfully completed, leads to an SAP certificate that is fully recognised in the world of business. In collaboration with the SAP University Alliance, we can offer a discounted participation fee (€350 for students at WWU Münster and €450 for students at other universities. Additional examination fee for certification: €150). Registered full-time students from all universities can take part up to one month after graduation (or ex-matriculation). Some previous knowledge of SAP (e.g. from the SAP case studies in WWU lectures/seminars) would be helpful but is not mandatory. 

    The course is held at regular intervals. Details are published on the departmental website.

  • “Wege ins Ausland”: Information Session on Studying Abroad

    The ERCIS team, together with the International Relations Center (IRC) and the Faculty’s Career Development Center (CDC), offers an information session on the topic of “studying abroad” once a year. The session covers exchange opportunities, partner universities, application guidelines, credits, writing your final thesis abroad and much more. The date of the information session is published on the website, the programme coordinators blog and the student council’s Facebook group.
  • WI-LAN Party

    The WI-AG occasionally organises a non-profit LAN party for the students and staff of the Department of Information Systems. You’ll find all the relevant information on the WI-LAN party website

  • WINet Activities

    The IS Alumni Association also offers regular seminars, workshops and training sessions. It’s always worth keeping an eye on their website.
  • IS Summer Party

    The traditional IS Summer Party for students and staff takes place once a year. The festival is organised by the student council and is held on the Leonardo Campus. It’s always very popular due to the amazingly low prices for beer and sausages, good vibes, great music and (usually) sunny weather. The date is published on the student council website.
  • Student Initiatives

    Many IS students are involved in student initiatives in addition to their studies. On the faculty's website you can find an overview of active student initiatives, some of them related to economics. At the beginning of asemester, we regularly introduce student initiatives in courses.