Much Ado about Nothing? Tracing the Progress of Innovations Borne on Enterprise Social Network Sites

Malsbender Andrea, Recker Jan, Kohlborn Thomas, Beverungen Daniel, Tanwer Satya

Enterprise social networks are organizationally bounded online platforms for users to interact with another and maintain interpersonal relationships. The allure of these technologies is often seen in intra-organizational communication, collaboration and innovation. How these technologies actually support organizational innovation efforts remains unclear. A specific challenge is whether digital content on these platforms converts to actual innovation development efforts. In this study we set out to examine innovation-centric content flows on enterprise social networking platforms, and advance a conceptual model that seeks to explain which innovation conveyed in the digital content will traverse from the digital platform into regular processes. We describe important constructs of our model and offer strategies for the operationalization of the constructs. We conclude with an outlook to our ongoing empirical study that will explore and validate the key propositions of our model, and we sketch some potential implications for industry and academia.

Enterprise 2.0; Enterprise software/systems; Innovation

Publication type
Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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34th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)

Milan, Italy


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