Exploring the Dynamics of Culture in the Roll-out and Adoption of eCollaboration Technology: A Case Study Comparison

Vehring Nadine, Kramer Malte

Implementing eCollaboration technologies implies specific organizational challenges surrounding roll-out and adoption. IT adoption literature has researched the concept of culture and the notion of fit between IT and culture. However, in the context of eCollaboration technologies, cultural fit as a possible influence factor has not been explored sufficiently. Thus, we aim at closing this gap by exploring the role of culture in the roll-out and adoption of eCollaboration technologies. We present two cases of eCollaboration technology roll-out that contrast in the extent to which the technology was adopted. The cases were analyzed from a culture perspective. Although our results confirmed the relevance of cultural fit, they also revealed additional dimensions of the concepts of culture and cultural fit that should be investigated further. Our paper contributes to a better understanding of the nature of cultural influence in the organizational roll-out and adoption of eCollaboration technologies.

IT roll-out and adoption; eCollaboration technologies; culture

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)

Seattle, USA