Exploring the Status Quo of Business Process Modelling Languages in the Banking Sector – An Empirical Insight into the Usage of Methods in Banks

Becker Jörg, Breuker Dominic, Weiß Burkhard, Winkelmann Axel

There are many business process modelling languages (BPML) available on the market for business process modelling. To date, however, it remains unclear how satisfied institutions are with various modelling languages as there is a lack of studies on modelling and analyzing business processes. In order to provide a better understanding of this issue, an exploratory survey with a focus on the banking sector was conducted. Due to a structural crisis in the financial sector (esp. in Germany, where the market is seen as “over-banked” and “over- branched”), banks are currently forced to improve their business processes to save costs and work more efficiently. Thus, they focus on business process management (BPM) and in particular on the preliminary steps of business process modelling. In this paper, key findings from a survey are presented and discussed as a basis for a more sophisticated approach to business process modelling and analysis in the future and also as an insight into the state of the art of business process modelling in general.

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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21st Australasian Conference on Information Systems

Brisbane, Australia