Conceptual Design of WWW-based Information Systems

Becker J, Brelage C, Thygs M, Ribbert M

Today, companies and their information systems are facing a very dynamic and fast changing environment. Fast changing demands require varying information in varying places. Users must find relevant information in a fast and perspicuous way. Thus, information systems both have to be flexible and clearly structured to fulfill these requirements and be able to handle the increasing amount of information efficiently. WWW-based information systems provide flexibility as they separate content, layout and navigation. However, several conceptual shortcomings prevent the Web from being a more productive and efficient resource of information today. Several technical enhancements (e.g. the semantic web) have been made in order to solve these problems. However, a theoretically proved and easy to use modeling method for WWW-based information systems is still missing. Our modeling method allows modeling these information systems on a conceptual level by abstracting from technical details. By this, meaningful navigation structures can be achieved with great clarity. In this paper we will develop this method using a meta-model based approach.

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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European Research Conference in Information Systems (ECIS) 2003

Naples, Italy

Ciborra C, Mercurio R, De Marco M, Martinez M, Carignani A

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