A Framework for Design Research in the Service Science Discipline

Becker Jörg, Beverungen Daniel, Knackstedt Ralf, Matzner Martin, Müller Oliver, Pöppelbuß Jens

The emerging discipline of Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME) apart from developing theories strives to build and evaluate IT artifacts of utility for the service economy. Especially due to the interdisciplinary character of this new discipline and the imprint of rather behavioral science oriented disciplines, for some problem areas only few innovative artifacts have been scientifically published and evaluated. To counter this deficiency, we present a research framework for design research in the service science discipline. The framework is based on design (science) research literature and widely acknowledged service science perspectives. It addresses three dimensions: (1) four IT artifact types, (2) four perspectives on the service science, and (3) three levels of abstraction. Using the framework, gaps in the service science discipline yet to be addressed by IT artifacts can be identified. On the other hand, if abundant IT artifacts can be identified for any of the proposed research areas, artifacts might need to be systematized or combined.

Service Science Management and Engineering; Service science; Design research; Research framework

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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15th Americas Conference on Information Systems

San Francisco, USA


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