Implementing Value-Driven Service Management – Towards an IT Artifact-Based Approach for Managing Customer Solutions

Beverungen Daniel

In the emerging service economy, leading edge companies supply their customers with integrated customer solutions, which comprise services and physical goods as integrated value propositions. Developing theoretical conceptualizations of value and the service-dominant logic of marketing are important research fields currently addressed in the emerging research discipline of Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME). Even so, companies lack information on how to put a value-driven management of customer solutions into action on an operational level of management. Particularly missing are reliable constructs, models, methods and instantiations to identify the pricing window for customer solutions according to the costs of provision for the provider and the willingness-to-pay of a customer. Therefore, the contribution of the paper is a framework of IT artifacts for enabling a value-driven management of customer solutions, taking both aspects into account on four layers for management, namely customer solution portfolio, customer solution, business processes, and information services.

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

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10th European Academy of Management Conference

Rome, Italy


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