Development of a Digital Transformation Maturity Model for IT Companies

Gollhardt Torsten, Halsbenning Sebastian, Hermann Andreas, Karsakova Aleksandra, Becker Jörg

The more the technological and digital shift moves forward, the more are companies struggling to keep in touch with the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technologies. Although companies differ regarding their transformation approach in detail, there is a rising demand for digital transformation maturity models to determine the status of a company's digital transformation to cope with digitalization. In order to provide companies with the opportunity to uncover the areas that are lacking behind in the digitalization process or self-assess their current transformation status, we pursue the goal to develop a digital transformation maturity model fitting to IT companies. The artifact was developed in collaboration with an IT company from the energy sector. This case serves as a first and exemplary application scenario. Based on literature on digital transformation maturity models and eight expert interviews, we iteratively designed and evaluated a maturity model tailored to IT companies. As a result, we synthesized five dimensions: culture, ecosystem, operations, governance, and strategy. Each dimension consists of further criteria specifying the respective dimension. Our artifact shows a high fit with the needs of the company under investigation and can serve as a blueprint for other IT companies.

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI 2020)

Antwerp, Belgium

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