Challenges and Trends of Data Management for Firefighting in Germany and the Netherlands

Wesendrup Kevin, Rupp Nicola, Widera Adam, Hellingrath Bernd

For successful firefighting, information is key. In this work, a general overview of the current challenges and trends of data management for firefighting in Germany and the Netherlands are examined. This was accomplished by conducting a literature review to find out the current state-of-the-art in research. The results of the literature review are then compared with expert sentiments and gaps between research and practice are revealed. Through the review, six challenge categories are identified: cartographic data harmonization, IS standardization, information gathering from unstructured data, canonical bodies of knowledge, and data-driven firefighting support. The challenges and trends are discussed in the context of Germany and the Netherlands and significant differences are presented. Lastly, the gaps between research and practice are thoroughly analyzed and potentials for future work revealed.

Firefighting, Informationsystems, Data Management

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Conference Paper

Peer reviewed

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ISCRAM - international conference on information systems for crisis response and management

Valencia, Spanien