A process perspective on platform design and management: evidence from a digital platform in health care

Fürstenau Daniel, Auschra Carolin, Klein Stefan, Gersch Martin

Multi-sided platforms have become the hallmark of the digital economy. However, their impact varies profoundlyacross different markets. We have done a longitudinal case study on HSPC, a platform jointly provided by aconsortium led by multiple U.S. health care providers. Our focus is on the development processes of the platformover a period of five years and the underlying management decisions and design choices. We have developed aplatform management framework to capture and reconstruct the influence and interdependencies of choices overtime. The case highlights distinct strategic choices aiming at scaling of the platform and competitive positioningat an early stage of platform evolution. Our findings show four main conflicts regarding the implementation andscaling of the platform and its services as well as the processual interplay and interdependencies between differentmanagement areas. The paper thereby contributes to a process view on platform management and offers an understandingof specifics of platform evolution in health care.

Digital health platforms; I & O; Platform governance; Process perspective; standardization; Technical architecture

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Article in Journal

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Electronic Markets - The International Journal



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