The BPM Competence Gap – An Empirical Investigation of the Demand and Supply Side

vom Brocke Jan, Gorbacheva Elena

In this note, we discuss the findings of two studies on the demanded and supplied competencies in theBusiness Process Management (BPM)field that analyzed 1,507 BPM-related job advertisements and 10,405 profiles of BPM professionals, respectively. The studies show that, while organizations require a diverse set of BPM-related competencies, employees report far fewer competencies in their public profiles. In particular, social and problem-solving competencies are underrepresented on the supply side. Perhaps the BPM workforce as a whole lacks such competencies, or employees consider them not worth declaring. Understanding of the demanded competencies and the gaps between them and the supplied competencies is of value for BPM educators who wish to help improve BPM curricula and for future BPM professionals who seek to enter and eventually advance in the BPM field.

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