Private Providers of Climate-Neutral Electric Vehicle Charging Services – Enabling Remote Access to Self-Produced Energy at Other Peoples' Charging Points

Chasin Friedrich, Matzner Martin, Rettberg Fritz

Unresolved technological and societal challenges hamper the widespread practical adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Despite calls for systemic approaches, research tends to focus specific obstacles in separation. This article reports on how two publicly funded research projects - both dedicated to developing a specific EV service offering cooperate and work on bundling the two services: "providing public access to private charging spots" and "transferring self-produced energy through public energy grids to other peoples' charging spots". We argue that via bundling the value proposition of the single services can be elevated. This conceptual research describes use cases, processes, and supportive IT infrastructure needed to bring the service bundle into action. The contribution of this work lies, first, in discussing and outlining the bundling approach, which merges the outcomes of the two research projects. This approach can make a small step towards achieving the socially accepted goal of propelling EVs as a more sustainable means of transport. Second, the paper is novel for that it introduces a set of models, methods, and tools taken from the academic discipline of service science into the strands of research related to EVs.

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Abstract in Online-Sammlung (Konferenz)

Peer reviewed

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Energy Informatics & Management (EIM 2015)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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