Do good things and talk about them: A Theory of Academics Usage of Enterprise Social Networks for Impression Management Tactics

Ortbach Kevin, Recker Jan

Enterprise social networks provide benefits especially for knowledge-intensive work as they enable communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange. These platforms should therefore lead to increased adoption and use by knowledge-intensive workers such as consultants or indeed researchers. Our interest is in ascertaining whether scientific researchers use enterprise social networks as part of their work practices. This focus is motivated by an apparent schism between a need for researchers to exchange knowledge and profile themselves, and the aversion to sharing breakthrough ideas and joining in an ever-increasing publishing and marketing game. We draw on research on academic work practices and impression management to develop a model of academics' ESN usage for impression management tactics. We describe important constructs of our model, offer strategies for their operationalization and give an outlook to our ongoing empirical study of the use of an ESN platform by 20 schools across six faculties at an Australian university.

Enterprise Social Networks; Impression Management; Use Behavior; Academic Work Practices; Knowledge Exchange

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Research article in proceedings (conference)

Peer reviewed

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International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)

Auckland, Neuseeland