Research Team Supply Chain Security & Crisis Management

The research group Supply Chain Security and Crisis Management addresses specific challenges to decision support systems for practitioners in uncertain and unsteady environments exposed to disruptive events. Our activities are dedicated to understanding the use of information systems in order to ensure a rigor and relevant solution design and evaluation. We aim to provide reference models and procedures to assess current and potential future scenarios by means of modelling, visualization, analysis and simulation. In addition, we develop and apply dedicated approaches to system design and evaluation of socio-technical systems in the humanitarian domain.

The research team Supply Chain Security & Crisis Management:


  • Decision Support Systems for Epidemics Prevention
  • Performance Measurement in Humanitarian Logistics
  • Humanitarian Logistics Assessment
  • Crisis Management Simulation
  • Enterprise Security Architectures and Process Security
  • Blood Supply Chain Management
  • Design and Evaluation of Humanitarian Information Systems


Teaching of ST 2022


  • MA-CS Resilient Supply Chains

    The last months have shown how vulnerable supply chains are. Of particular importance is their structure, i.e. in which regions suppliers are located, how many suppliers there are, where transport routes lead from and whether there are alternative transport options. In this seminar, we will examine the impact of supply chain disruptions on supply chains, what constitutes a "resilient" supply chain, and what strategies exist to make supply chains less vulnerable to disruptions.

Teaching of WT 2021/22


  • BA-PS  Digitalization of the South African Blood Supply Chains
    Due to their importance, blood supply chains are highly regulated and innovations common in general supply chains have often not been implemented by blood services yet. In the context of the research project BISKIT (Blood Information System for Crisis Intervention and Management), we analyze the South African Blood Supply Chains as well as digital innovations proposed in literature and practice, in order to evaluate which of these innovations should be implemented and how they can be employed to improve the blood supply chains crisis resilience.


  • MA-PS Using Open Data for Regional Covid-19 Forecasting
    The accurate forecasting of the spread of infection in a pandemic is an important baseline for the planning of counter-pandemic strategies and future decision-making (e.g. possible border closure and vaccination strategies). However, many current forecasts are conducted on a low spatial resolution and do not incorporate changes in social and contact behavior. Therefore, they lack decision-support capabilities for local intervention-planning. The goal of the project seminar is to identify suitable open data sources for real-time infectious disease forecasting and to develop a prototype of a regional infectious disease forecasting model. The model shall include mobility data and social behavior data as well as public health data (current infections/vaccinations) and data on local restrictions.

Available theses

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Selected publications

  • Ponge, J., Enbergs, M., Schüngel, M., Hellingrath, B., Karch, A., & Ludwig, S. (2021). Generating synthetic populations based on german census data. In Proceedings of the 2021 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC), Phoenix, USA.
  • Hansen, H., Widera, A., Ponge, J. and Hellingrath, B., (2021), January. Machine Learning for Readability Assessment and Text Simplification in Crisis Communication: A Systematic Review. In Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (p. 2265).
  • Ponge, J., Hellingrath, B., Ludwig, S., Karch, A. (2020). A Microsimulation of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions for the German Covid-19 Epidemic [Conference poster]. Zoonoses 2020 - International Symposium on Zoonoses Research