• Who can use the library?

    All students and teaching staff of the University of Münster and other institutions of higher education as well as other people who want to use the library for scientific purposes are allowed to visit our library.
  • Library Regulations

    Please observe the Library Regulations when you visit the library.
  • Call numbers

    The call numbers in the Information Systems Library are always made up of 3 parts: 

    Example: WI 14 534 

    All the call numbers on the books in the departmental library feature “WI” for Wirtschaftsinformatik (German for “Information Systems”). Books are arranged in the library according to the two-digit number after the “WI”. This indicates the book’s designation within the Library Classification System. Books are arranged in accordance to the subject-related number sequence. The third part of the call number is a consecutive number that has no meaning as regards content – but it does provide relative information about when the IS Library acquired the book. As a rule, it is therefore not possible to search the shelves looking for books on a certain topic.

  • Library classification

    You’ll find an overview of the library classification system here. 
  • Borrowing books

    The Information Systems Library is a reference library and it is therefore not possible for students to borrow books as a rule. Weekend borrowing (Friday 15:00 to Monday 09:30) is one exception to this.
  • New book acquisitions

    If you would like the library to acquire a certain book, please contact a member of the library staff. Book requests must be approved by the departmental management before they can be purchased.
  • Wireless LAN

    You’ll find information about how to set up your WLAN here:  https://www.uni-muenster.de/ZIV/Zugang/WLAN.html
  • Photocopying

    The library has one photocopier that can be used with a Mensa Card (Studentenwerk). The photocopier has a single-pass feeder.
  • Missing books

    If you cannot find a book in the Information Systems Library where it should be according to the call number, you can try the following: 

    • It may be on the “Semesterapparat” reserve shelf, where lecturers place key literature for their respective seminar/lecture courses. This shelf is in the journal room, on the right next to the window. 

    • The library catalogue also lists books that are not in the library but which are kept in the professorial departments – in so-called “Handapparate”. 

    • Departmental staff can also borrow books from the Department Library for extended periods of time. A member of library staff will be able to help you in all these cases.

  • Journals

    You’ll find an overview of journals kept in the IS Library here. Please note that not all volumes/years are available.