Retail (SoSe 2024)








Tag Zeit Häufigkeit Datum Raum
Montag 14:00- 16:00 Uhr wöchentlich 08.04.2024- 15.07.2024 Leonardo-Campus 10, Leo 2
Dienstag 14:00- 16:00 Uhr wöchentlich 09.04.2024- 16.07.2024 Leonardo-Campus 10, Leo 2



The retail course as part of the production and retail module presents retail as an important sector for the economy. It uses reference models for retail as a framework to introduce retail business process and data structures. To highlight the integration of business processes and information technology, the ERP system selection and implementation process is elaborated. Process and data modeling techniques are applied throughout the lecture and accompanying exercises.


Main topics and learning objectives:

The students recognize information systems and the underlying business processes in retail as an important sector for the economy. They understand the cross-departmental integration of business processes and how retail companies are embedded in the value chain. They deepen their knowledge in process and data modeling and are able to apply methods and techniques in various application scenarios.


Learning objectives

Business Processes in Retail

The students get to know reference models for retail. They understand core processes, coordination processes, support processes and their integration.

Process Modeling

The students are able to model business processes in retail, especially with the help of domain specific, semantic modeling languages.

Data Modeling

The students are able to model data structures and get to know selected data models in retail.

ERP-Systems for Retail

The students understand the importance of ERP-systems in retail and their selection and implementation process.


Relevant Work:

Written exam, 120min for 100% of the grade. Prerequisites to gain credit points are regular class attendance, solving the course assignments, and passing the written examination.


  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jörg Becker (verantwortlich)
  • Binh An Patrick Nguyen (begleitend)
  • Janis Joshua Elmer (begleitend)