Understanding Users' Privacy Perceptions of Smart Watches in Healthcare: A Privacy Calculus Perspective

Fueled by the development of new technology and information systems patient-centric care models promises to increase the patient’s ability to self-monitor, increase care efficiency and reduce costs. With the newer apple watch models Apple positions themselves as the intermediary that brings those promises to life and promotes their devices as empowering patients and enabling large scale medical research, among others.

To reap the potential benefits for healthcare this innovation however relies on the collection, storing and processing of personal health data. As health information is widely acknowledged to be highly sensitive, information privacy is becoming a critical topic. Concerns, perceptions and attitudes regarding information privacy are known to influence technology adoption, appropriation and use, which is, especially in the domain of healthcare, a critical issue. Less is known on the perceived privacy trade-offs that smart watch users face when using their device for cardiologic healthcare management and the implications that arise for individuals, technology use and healthcare management.

Based on a literature review on information privacy and health information, the goal of this thesis is to understand the interests and needs of patients with regards to their health information privacy from a privacy calculus perspective. This thesis will thus provide an in-depth examination of the perceptions and trade-offs apple watch users face when using their device for cardiologic healthcare management and discuss implications.