Praktische Relevanz der Wirtschaftsinformatik-Forschung: Szientrometische Analyse von praxisorientierten Magazinen

There is an ongoing debate whether the information systems discipline is generating knowledge, which is actually transferred to practice. Within the rigor vs. relevance debate some scholars argued that it is not possible to achieve both: scientifically sound research outcomes and results that have a practical impact. Others believe that it is possible but methods and the design of research activities have to be refined. Since empirical studies, which confirm or reject those assertions about missing practical relevance are lacking, this thesis addresses the issue by analyzing one possible information source for knowledge transfer: practitioner-oriented scientific outlets, e. g., MIS Quarterly Executive. A scientometric analysis on journal-level sheds light on the information transfer by identifying which academic journals are cited in practitioner-oriented outlets. Further segmentation of the data is applied for deeper analyses and insights.