Unpacking Organizational Inertia in the Digital Age

Unpacking Organizational Inertia in the Digital Age:

Building on the conference paper (Haskamp et al. 2021), you will perform a systematic literature review to investigate how organizational inertia unfolds within digital transformation contexts. 


Start Date: April 2024

Supervisor: Thomas Haskamp, Sandro Franzoi

Qualifications: Ability to work reliably, disciplined, thoroughly, and precise with existing literature in the information systems and management domain. 

Applications: If interested, please send your application (CV + Grades) to sandro.franzoi@ercis.uni-muenster 


Must Read Literature:

  • Besson, P., & Rowe, F. (2012). Strategizing information systems-enabled organizational transformation: A transdisciplinary review and new directions. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 21(2), 103–124.
  • Haskamp, T., Dremel, C., Marx, C., & Uebernickel, F. (2021). Understanding Inertia in Digital Transformation: A Literature Review and Multilevel Research Framework. ICIS Proceedings 2021. Forty-Second International Conference on Information Systems, Austin, USA.
  • Rowe, F. (2014). What literature review is not: diversity, boundaries and recommendations. European Journal of Information Systems, 23(3), 241–255.
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