Ingolf Terveer

Survey of Electives in Master-Studies, Winter-Term 2017/2018

To plan elective courses in Winter Term 2017/2018, a preliminary survey is conducted.

If you are willing to  participate to a seminar or project seminar, please join this survey in the Learnweb:




In order to join the survey you have to register to the Learnweb-Course "Informationsveranstaltung zum Studienverlauf  WS 2017/2018" which was created especially as a framework of this survey. Please use the following enrolment key: ma20171

Of course, your choice is nonbinding, but, nevertheless, we ask for serious answers, as this avoids us from planning both too few and too many courses (a disadvantage for students and lecturers as well)

The survey will be closed on 2017/05/26