Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik (Prof. Vossen)

Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vossen [Klick for more infos] The database and information systems (DBIS) group is active in the areas of databases, information systems, process design and modeling, and IT architectures.

Our work centers around a variety of issues arising in and from present-day mobile as well as stationary systems that generate, store, analyze, and process large amounts of data. Examples of such systems include data warehouses, hospital information systems, and multiple applications (such as search engines) based on the Web. Specific issues studied include the design of such systems, data integration and unification, data curation and monetization, the design and analysis of community-based business processes, but also questions of how to design suitable IT landscapes (such as Web-oriented architectures or reliable, secure clouds) comprising such systems. If you are interested in doing a project with us, you may contact us here.