Drink Your Own Champagne: Analysis of the Transformation of a Technology Provider with Real Time Collaboration from a Strategic and Organizational Point of View

Kramer M, Schallenmüller S, Klein S

We are reporting on a case of a Real Time Communication (RTC) service provider who implemented a set of RTC tools to reach the twofold goal of supporting organizational restructuring after an economic crisis and simultaneously improving its competitive position in a marketplace driven by increasing commoditization. In contrast to other technology implementations where management follows an application view, we present a case where management introduces RTC as an infrastructure, i.e. it looks at a complex ensemble of technology artifacts which are used by heterogeneous users in a multitude of ways, many of whom are unforeseen. The paper uses a framework of managerial tasks and responsibilities to explain the balancing act between managerial dictum on the one side and providing space for experimentation and organizational learning on the other side. The organizational design shows a high level of management sensitivity to the complementarity principles of organizational and technical choices. The case further provides rich insights into the processes of rule setting and organizational embedding of RTC. We found that the specific hardware and software constellation do matter and the establishment of the user experience team creates and fosters a new level of innovative discourse within the organization.

Organizational transformation; strategic positioning; RTC; infrastructure view

Forschungsartikel in Sammelband (Konferenz)




Proceedings 26th Bled eConference eInnovations: Challenges and Impacts for Individuals, Organizations and Society

Bled, Slovenia


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