Erfahrungsberichte PIONEER Master's Programme

E-Governance und die Digitalisierung der öffentlichen Verwaltung sind die wichtigsten Zukunftstrends im öffentlichen Sektor. Deshalb braucht der öffentliche Sektor Expert*innen, die das Wissen der öffentlichen Verwaltung und des öffentlichen Managements mit dem Wissen über Informationssysteme und E-Governance kombinieren. Der Erasmus Master of Science in Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance ist ein Studiengang, der genau solche Experten ausbildet. Der gesamte Masterstudiengang wird in englischer Sprache unterrichtet, daher sind die Erfahrungsberichte auch nur in Englisch verfügbar.

  • Grace

    Where are you from and why did you choose the PIONEER program?

     I am from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in Australia. I really wanted to pursue my Master's in Europe. Meanwhile,  I am interested in such a specific area that is not offered in many master’s programs. I did some googling and found the PIONEER program, which matches my interests.

    Why did you choose a master's program in Europe?

    My previous exchange semester in France has convinced me that a Master's degree in Europe is exactly the right thing for me. The possibility of getting a scholarship has reinforced my decision to apply for the PIONEER program.

    Did you start your master's right after your bachelor's?

    No, I worked in between to gain work experience. This is the case for many  PIONEER students. In Australia, I worked for the government in the Family Safety Branch. My main responsibility was to work on policies and programs to prevent violence against women and their children in Australia. My work was crucial in implementing a national plan on combating violence against women and their children.

     Can you briefly describe the master's program?

    It is an interdisciplinary program that provides the chance to study at three different universities in Europe - University of Leuven, the University of Münster, and the Tallinn University of Technology. The study focuses on how emerging problems in the field of public administration and public policy can be solved through the use of technological innovations. In general, the program prepares for your future careers in the public sector, but it is also possible to go into other industries with the master's program.

    What topics of the master's do you find most interesting?

    Each semester was very different with a distinct research specialisation,  because we spent each semester at a different university. If I had to choose, I think that eGovernance interests me the most. E-Government is the simplification, implementation, and support of processes for information, communication, and transaction within and between states, municipalities and other official institutions as well as between these institutions and their citizens. I think eGovernance will play a key role in the future, so I am happy to learn a lot about it during my master's studies.

  • Sujani

    Where are you from and why did you choose the PIONEER program?

    I come from Toronto, Canada. I have already gained a few years of work experience in the public sector, where I have seen that many things are being digitized and new digital skills are required. That's why I wanted to further my education and do a master's degree in this area. I was looking for a master's program in the public sector, but also with a focus on technology and information systems. Then I found the  PIONEER program which combines all these aspects.

    What did you think about the application process for the PIONEER program?

    It was a little complex, but definitely doable. We had to submit a lot of documents. In addition, we had to write a motivation letter and there was an online interview with three coordinators from the three different universities.

    What was your first impression of Münster?

    Unfortunately, we only had online classes at the time due to the Covid-19 situation and I never saw the university building from the inside. But Münster as a city is totally beautiful. I especially like the “Promenade” and all the nature around the city. The city has just the right size. It's big, but not too big.

    What are the differences between the courses in your bachelor's and those in the PIONEER program?

    My bachelor studies in Canada were about ten years ago,  so it is a bit difficult for me to answer this question. But I find it really impressive how technology has developed over the past years and how well online courses are now implemented. Back when I did my bachelor's degree, it would be impossible to study online.


    Which courses in your studies did you particularly like and why?

    Enterprise Architecture Management was a course I really enjoyed. I learned how organizations are structured, which stakeholders exist and how they are connected to each other. There was also an IT aspect that should not be neglected. I think the theory and knowledge I gained in this course will be very useful in my job.  I wish to continue to deepen and practice my knowledge in this field after the master's program.

  • Kenneth

    Where are you from and why did you choose the PIONEER program?

    I’m from Malaysia, which is in Southeast Asia.  The Pioneer program got my attention as I was looking for scholarship opportunities. After further research, I had a shortlist of three different programs. Finally,  I decided to do the PIONEER master's because it is very appealing to me to study in three different countries - Belgium, Germany, and Estonia.

    Which courses in your studies did you particularly like and why?

    I found the eGovernance course very interesting.  We looked at various case studies in different countries and how IT has been used and implemented in the public sector. Besides, I really liked the course Enterprise Architecture Management. We learned a lot about technology and especially modeling language. The course was so well organized, and the coordinators put a lot of effort into making the course enjoyable.

    In which field did you finish your bachelor and where do you see the differences between your bachelor's and the PIONEER master program?

    I studied law in Malaysia. There are huge differences between my bachelor's and master. The PIONEER program is much more intercultural. The students come from different continents and also have diverse educational backgrounds. My master's degree is also more practice-oriented with a variety of case studies. During my bachelor's I wrote more academic papers. 

    What has been your biggest learning so far?

    My bachelor was more guided. Yet in the master, I am more independent which also requires a better self and time management. I think that is my biggest learning I’ve had so far.

    How did you spend your semester break?

    I did an internship at McKinsey in Belgium. There I was able to directly apply what I had learned in my master's. I also got to know another workplace culture. That was really cool!

    If you could describe your master's in three words what would they be?

    Divers, full of live and exciting.