Soliciting knowledge requirements in an organization: Developing a catalog of metrics and identifying recommendations (in cooperation with

The structured capturing/ soliciting of knowledge requirements in an organization is essential for the continuous development and management of knowledge in a company.

In the context of this thesis work, based on a well-founded review, possible approaches for the identification of knowledge requirements and their measurement will be identified. Building on this, a structured catalog of metrics and indicators will be developed, tested in practice and used to derived recommendations.

This topic involves field work in German.

The thesis will be written in cooperation with DMI, a leading service provider for the (patient-oriented) medical information system within health IT. The main locations are in Münster / Westphalia (headquarters) and Leisnig / central Saxony. The company employs around 1,000 people throughout Germany.
The digitization and archiving of clinical documentation are future-proof tasks in the healthcare sector. As a leading IT service provider, DMI faces these challenges and develops innovative solutions for its customers. DMI is a growing, dynamic company with a social, employee centered corporate culture.