Sensor Data Usage on Mobile Devices for Corporate Usage

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have found widespread adoption by businesses. In some cases, they even replace (mobile-enabled) specialised hardware or at least supplemented it. With the so called wearables, new devices conquer particular fields despite their hardware being less capable than that of smartphones.

Two aspects of sensor data usage need to be taken into special consideration. Firstly, devices need to be powerful enough to provide data in the desired form and in a desired pace. For example, pre-processing of a data flow might be necessarily to disburden backend systems. Secondly, they need to be energy efficient because they typically should run for a long time off the grid.  Companies increasingly use mobile devices beyond their obvious capabilities and this development is expected to accelerate. In a Master thesis, the status quo of sensor data usage of (and on) mobile devices and the usage for corporate purposes should be examined. The analysis should focus on smartphones, tablets and wearables, even though a general Internet-of-Things focus would be possible as well. Usage should be considered both from an economical and from a technological point of view, e.g., consider performance and energy efficiency from a corporate usage perspective. The thesis allows for a variety of emphasizes, which can be chosen by the Master candidate. Depending on the candidate's interest, bringing in existing business contacts would be possible. Moreover, the thesis might include programming work, e.g. to try out sensor usage.