Royalty Management on the Blockchain

Problem description

Blockchain is on everyone’s lips. Despite the highs and lows of crypto currencies, the distributed ledger technology offers tremendous potential in both public and private blockchains. A royalty (i.e. a fee paid to a right holder) can take various forms and due to the ongoing trend of e.g. media streaming or software as a service, it is of utmost relevance in the digital world. However, the underlying process is time-consuming and costly for the right holder and lessens the welfare for other involved parties including the consumer. 

Solution approach

The master thesis’ goal will be to investigate the use of a distributed ledger technology (i.e. blockchain) in royalty management. On the one hand, existing approaches shall be analyzed, while novel ideas are also encouraged. Apart from the economic or business model perspective, a prototype-based implementation is also part of the solution.  

Core activities

  1. Analyze the problem
  2. Identify use cases of blockchain-based royalty management
  3. Contact and exchange with potential beneficiaries 
  4. Implement a prototype

However, we can discuss the extent covered in the thesis . 


  • You are willing to work on an ongoing, practice-oriented research project
  • You are not afraid of getting in touch with code
  • You are willing to travel to SAP headquarters in Walldorf 

Job Opportunity

You can get a foot into the door of one of the largest software companies in the world. In addition, you might also get a job as a student assistant during your thesis.