Reference Coloring: Concept and Prototype Development of a Tool for Creating Transparency in Academic Manuscripts

Do you want to make a difference and contribute to academia by creating an instrument for improving the quality of academic publications? 

The world of academia including the information systems research is asking for a good quality of referenced articles in every academic publication. Outlet rankings are in use, publication types such as conference and journal publications are distinguished etc. However, there is little transparency in the quality of references when looking at several-pages-long reference section of academic publications.

As a result, for the reviewers, it is difficult to assess the quality of referenced articles and, for the authors, it is easy to hide the lower quality of their article selection.

The aim of this thesis is twofold. First, using an experiment, the lack of transparency in the reference sections of academic publications and the resulted deficiency in the review process must be shown. The experiment is already set up and is ready to be performed. Second, a simple tool that will implement an idea for the improvement of the reference section transparency must be prototypically implemented using common Web technologies like HTML5 and JvaScript.