Beautiful Schedules with Responsive Customizable HTML Forms

Certainly you have seen countless schedules on the Internet. Some are very simple, some are quite complex (e.g. Despite the opportunities that current Web Technologies around HTML offer nowdays, schedules on the Internet are typically presented as either a plain text description or as a screenshot from a Word or Excel document. This is because no suitable solutions exist that would allow rendering schedules online in a flexible and adjustable way. If you want to gain valuble experienc on Web Design and explore the potentials of current Web Technologies, this topic is definitely for you. You will be able to tap into an existing schedule maker and work with its data to design your schedule rendering solution. Your supervisor will also help you conceptualizing your work in the way that it will represent a valuble contribution to academia. Do not hesitate to ask questions if the topic sounds interesting to you and you consider yourself as a motivated developer with previous experience in implementing software!