Chair for Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

Today's supply chains (SC) have to cope with growing uncertainties and complexity, e.g. from increasingly volatile customer demand, natural or human threats, or through an increasing number of actors in the value adding process. Tackling these issues is the major objective of the Chair for Information Systems (IS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), directed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Hellingrath. In particular, the chair develops application-oriented research contributions in the areas of SCM, logistics and operations management with regard to the support by IS. A special focus lies in understanding current logistics and manufacturing issues and resolving them by applying and newly developing modeling and planning methods. In this context, research is fostered by a culture of internationalization, exemplified by the growing number of international research partners and projects conducted.

The group's research focus on a variety of different research topics in the field of supply chain management and information systems.

  • Digitalized Supply Chain: Digitalization is omnipresent and has enormous impacts on supply chains. Emerging technologies like cloud computing, AI and digital platforms are part of digitalized supply chains. The research group explores application possibilities and investigates digitalization levers that affect business models.
  • Industrie 4.0: Research regarding Industrie 4.0 aims to keep and enhance the competitive advantage of German manufacturing companies worldwide by increasing the capabilities of producing customer-specific goods efficiently and effectively. The group is developing methods to evaluate the applicability of decentralized production architectures for different types of manufacturing processes in practice. Furthermore, their implementation is analyzed from the Enterprise Architecture perspective.
  • Predictive Maintenance/ Spare Parts Management: The early identification of machine breakdowns by condition monitoring enables more precise planning and management of spare parts and maintenance services. The group focuses on approaches and data analytics methods for improved diagnostics and prognostics in predictive maintenance, which have been successfully applied with several companies. Moreover, decision support for collaboration and coordination of actors in corresponding spare parts supply chains is developed.
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): Nowadays, cross-functional integration within a company and along the supply chain is essential for business success. S&OP is a tactical planning process that addresses this challenge by continually aligning decisions in sales, marketing, product development, finance, and operations. The group investigates state-of-the-art S&OP implementations and develops concepts to facilitate efficient industrial applications.
  • Humanitarian Logistics: Supply chain and logistics management are crucial for effective disaster response. The group conducts research on modeling, performance measurement, and simulation of humanitarian supply chains as well as the design and evaluation of supporting information systems.
  • Supply Chain Security: The effective prevention of and fast recovery from theft, smuggling, and sabotage is a constant challenge in the ongoing competition between criminals and supply chains. Advances in Enterprise Security Architecture Management align strategic objectives and integrated security into a security-by-design concept. Enterprise architecture, as well as business process management tools for enhanced security, have been evaluated in recent projects with European postal services.

All activities of the Chair for Information Systems and Supply Chain Management in research and practice on integrative information system development as well as organizational design are integrated in the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). In the framework of the outlined research fields, the chair is always delighted about interested graduates who strive for an academic career within the frame of doctoral studies.