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    Joint project: Analysis of Discourse in Social Media, Subproject: Data Tracking and Network Analysis

    Within the bounds of this interdisciplinary collaborative project between Information Systems, Communcation Sciences and Computer Linguistics, we develop methods to minimize the existing limitations of the time and cost-intensive content analysis of Social Media Content.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.05.2012- 30.04.2015
    Website http://www.social-media-analytics.org
    Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    Project number 01UG1232A
    Keywords Discourse Analysis; Social Media; DaSom; Data Tracking; Network Analysis


    Interdisciplinary knowledge sharing scenarios in social media / use of CRM in German universities

    Event hosting for the interdisciplinary collaboration in social media topics. Among other things, the potential of CRM in German universities will be evaluated and specific scenarios will be developed.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.05.2012- 30.07.2013
    Funding source Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
    Keywords Microsoft; CRM


    Social Media Monitoring - Analysis of Online Social Networks for Business Related Issue Management

    Combination of methods and theories of Information Systems and Communication Sciences to collect and analyse data from public social networks (esp. Twitter) which is of relevance for business related problems.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 01.04.2011- 31.12.2012
    Funding source German Academic Exchange Service
    Project number 53473425
    Keywords Social Media Monitoring; issue management


    Automated document management

    Development and analysis of mobile approaches for private document management solutions.

    Project status definitely finished
    Project time 18.05.2011- 30.06.2012
    Website http://www.fileee.com
    Funding source BMWi - EXIST Business Start-up Grant
    Project number 03EGSNW209
    Keywords document management