Transformation Process of Information Infrastructures in the healthcare sector - a historical perspective

The development of large-scale ehealth systems and in particular the implementation of e-prescription has afforded information systems specialists a crucial role in their design. Given the deep historical roots of medicine in general and the actual provision of healthcare in particular, theses in this topic area motivated by the observed scarcity of history in IS research. Theoretical and empirical advancement in this area is important, as it may help getting to a deeper understanding of problems of current infrastructure developments in healthcare. Furthermore, it may offer new solutions and it may allow more critical appraisals of current developments. 

Theses in this topic area investigate transformation processes of information infrastructures from a historical perspective. They do so with a particular focus on the health care sector. Candidates will study change processes taking place over longer time periods in order to analyze the implications to the way information is exchanged and the kind of information systems that are put in place to support such exchange.

Since the topic area is quite broad, theses on different levels (Master, Bachelor) are conceivable. Although this description is English language only, Bachelor-candidates may write their theses in German language as well.