Machine Learning Fellowship Program in Berlin

Invaluable GmbH

Become a Machine Learning Engineer with the industry-leading fellowship programme at Invaluable GmbH. Comprising 8 intensive weeks, a new topic will be introduced each week. Participants will work with experts, apply knowledge gained to relevant exercises and contribute to the realization of on-going Invaluable projects, implementing their new skills directly into the practical environment. Participants will learn about newest developments in Artificial Intelligence technology and how to apply them. This is an excerpt of the full program syllabus. The course will be adjusted according to current projects.

We are looking for candidates with a Computer Science, Math or Engineering background, either as professionals or as Bachelor/Master. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of programming, with at least 2 years of professional programming experience or be students soon to finish their studies. German Language proficiency are an advantage but not a requirement.

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