Join us at Sellplify in Münster


Join us at Sellplify!

Internship in mobile and web app development Barcelona/Spain

You'll need to have experience with:

* programming with JavaScript (and if you have
used Angular and rxjs then so much the better!)
* server-side web application programming (we currently
use the Symfony framework for PHP)
* the web ecosystem in general
* security concepts related to web application programming
We would also highly value experience in:
* hybrid (HTML5) mobile app development based
on Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap Build
(our app is built using the Ionic framework)
* the use of relational databases (we use Postgres)
* the use version control software (we use git)
* cloud computing (PAAS or IAAS) such as Heroku
or AWS.

It's a varied role, but you'll be learning from a highly
experienced team - and we're eager to have somebody
who can show us a thing or two as well!
We seek a junior programmer to work in an exciting new start-up company which produces a b2b sales
and business intelligence product, based in the beautiful city of Münster (NRW, Germany).
You will be working on:
* the ongoing development of our mobile app and of
the back-end software and API which supports it
* website development
* creation/setup of useful productivity software and
processes for our team
* and more...
We are looking for somebody who is adaptable, dependable,
and autonomous, and capable of handling
the rapid changes of direction that are part-andparcel
of start-up life. Ideally you'll be a fast learner,
with enthusiasm to develop new skills and try new
We are a young, fun and small team, offering a relaxed
working environment with a get-it-done attitude.
This is an internship position that we would hope to
convert to a permanent position if things go well.

Join us: