3D Intern / Graduate

Tiny Giants

Tiny Giants is in the process of growing, hence we are looking for ambitious students who are interested in doing an exciting internship program within the domain of 3D!

We are pocket-sized production studio, focusing on creating cutting-edge content for a variety of applications using 3D state-of-the-art technology.

Applications range from architectural visualisations, animations for advertisement and education, complex processes and even experiences within the realm of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


General Requirements:

We are looking for students who are passionate in the art of 3D, has the drive to constantly learn new techniques and is confident in independent problem solving. For us ambition and persistence is more important than talent – if you are one of those who spend their time after school hours (or even during) to self-explore and create digital content using 3D tools, then we welcome you to join us! Oh yeah, we speak both English and Dutch in-house, either one will work, but basic understanding of both is practical.


What’s in it for you?

The more the merrier, that’s what we love to do – collaborating! We want to give those determined opportunities to excel within 3D. At the end, you should become more specialized in your field, being able to apply more advanced techniques and make use of them in a production that we might ask you to help us with! Furthermore, you will gain experience in working together with other designers, and get a better idea on how 3D production works on a business-level.

Ultimately, if we feel that you are well-suited for our team and can be a valuable asset, then we may even ask you to officially join us on-board!


Specific Profiles we are looking for:


3D Modeller

•             Is attracted to detail and science behind a complex meshes

•             Embraces the various genres of modelling such as realistic, low poly, caricature, etc.

•             Is aware of how topology works and is not afraid to optimise if necessary

•             Is interested in modelling characters, inanimate objects such as household applicants, furniture, and products


Substance Painter (Texturer)

•             Is fine with learning (or already familiar with) ‘Substance Painter’

•             Is familiar with ‘UV unwrapping’ a mesh

•             Knows the science behind various texture layers e.g. normals, specular, roughness, displacement, etc.

•             Has some experience in texture painting and applying it

•             Can post-edit textures in Photoshop where necessary



•             Enjoys rigging characters and make them come alive!

•             Has a feel for organic movement and how to time things together

•             Is familiar with ‘Dope Sheets’ and ‘F-curves’ and how to work with them

•             Has an idea on how to compose animations together and render out videos


Game Developer

•             Is familiar with Unity and can build simple scenes

•             Knows how to import custom assets such as models, rigs, applying textures, etc.

•             Intrigued by in game mechanics

•             Knows basic code to work with Unity


Are you passionate about 3D and do not fit these profiles, Do not hesitate to contact us anyways, we would still love to get to know you and might just as well know another place for you. You might even be exactly what we are looking for!



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